Mark Warner ducks the Presidential race

… leaving only Clark, Edwards, and Obama as potential Democratic nominees likely to play well in culturally Red provinces.

Too bad. There were certainly gaps in his knowledge, but he looked like a strong candidate, and plausibly a strong President.

By my count, that leaves only three culturally Red-State-compatible potential Democratic candidates: Wes Clark, John Edwards, and Barack Obama. None is flawless. Any one of them might beat Guiliani, and any one of them might wind up as the nominee if he were to emerge as the not-Hillary.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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7 thoughts on “Mark Warner ducks the Presidential race”

  1. I have the same question as mikefan. So much so, in fact, that I'm even wondering why Guilani was even mentioned. When I first read the post my initial reaction was that it was some kind of a put down or insult. Being able to beat Guiliani is a pretty low bar considering that somebody else is sure to be the nominee.

  2. Although they doesn't seem to be actively running, Bredesen (governor of TN) and Bill Richardson (governor of New Mexico) would be reasonable Democratic nominees as well.

  3. Obama is a terrible disappointment & I very much doubt his "Red State" appeal — I would be ecstatic about a Clark/Edwards ticket — someone who had Brian Schweitzer's gift of framing would be a great bonus!

  4. Guiliani? That is silly. Pretty sure any NY'er can enlighten you to a massive amount of baggage. Also, when is the last time a "liberal" Italian-American from NY was nominated as a Republican?

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