Mark Penn, again

His firm is flacking for Blackwater. Won’t anyone ask HRC questions about this stuff?

It’s not bad enough that Burson-Marsteller, the PR/lobbying firm headed by top Hillary Clinton adviser Mark Penn, has a flourishing union-busting practice. It now turns out that Burson-Marsteller is lobbying for Blackwater. (And Penn doesn’t even bother to pretend that he has “recused” himself from the issue.)

Somehow I doubt this is going to create as much bloggic fuss as Barack Obama’s friendship with a homophobic Gospel singer. That strikes me as reflecting a lack of proportion. And somehow I doubt that Hillary Clinton is going to get questions about this either from reporters or in the debates. She should.

Footnote Of course most of the pro-Blackwater political muscle is Republican, including Ken Starr and Fred Fielding. But we expect Republicans to support thugs. Democrats are different.

Aren’t they?

Author: Mark Kleiman

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