Management talent for California

If George Papandreou can solve Greece’s budget problem by fixing its corrupt political system, maybe California ought to try to hire him. Papandreou spent a chunk of his childhood in California (his father chaired the Berkeley econ department).  That gives us a rightful claim on his services.

Or maybe we should just propose a Greco-Californian merger, with Papandreou staying on as CEO of the combined entity.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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One thought on “Management talent for California”

  1. "…along with its crazy profligacy, the Greek state payroll has peculiar features, including overgenerous pensions, for which healthy fifty-year-olds are sometimes eligible…"

    Papandreou's strategy seems to be to invite his voters to notice that if they don't fly right, Germany will make them do things they like even less. Who do you have in mind for the 'Germany' role for Calif???

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