Lower than the whale sh*t at the bottom of the ocean

The antics of the wingnut media aren’t fully chargeable to Republican politicians. But their use of the result is. Chris Christie of New Jersey helped James O’Keefe victimize a special ed teacher who had previously risked her life, and sustained serious injury, to protect a group of schoolchildren. Christie should pay a price for this.

A heroine:

Alissa Ploshnick risked her life to save the lives of a dozen Passaic schoolchildren. She threw herself in front of a careening van to protect her students and landed in the hospital with broken ribs, a fractured wrist, a badly bruised pelvis and glass cuts in her eyes. She could have died.

And a couple of scoundrels.

After James O’Keefe mousetrapped Ploshnick by hitting on her in a bar and taping her as she told the story of another teacher using the n-word, Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey helped promote the resulting video as part of his war on New Jersey teachers. As a result, Ploshnick was suspended from work and denied a raise. And Christie’s flack stands behind his actions.

James O’Keefe of course is no surprise, but I hope this follows Chris Christie to his political grave.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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3 thoughts on “Lower than the whale sh*t at the bottom of the ocean”

  1. I observed during a recent whale watch, trailing magnificent blues over Redondo Canyon, that whale sh*t, in fact, floats. But there is an appropriate old Russian saying about political bureaucracies: whether the water is fresh or salt, sh*t floats. O'Keefe and Christie, just bobbin' along.

  2. I don't know…there was an entire "This American Life" episode about what an @ssho!e Chris Christie is, back when he was just a prosecutor, and that didn't seem to help.

  3. Which raises a puzzling question: If I can be disciplined for telling you what someone else said, then, when they hold the hearing, how exactly could you tell them what I did?

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