Logical entailment

Steve Benen is right: if – as Mitt Romney says – “corporations are people,” then Romney, as the CEO of the leveraged buyout firm Bain Capital, was in the business of committing serial homicide for profit.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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4 thoughts on “Logical entailment”

  1. So _that’s_ why Mitt “corporations are people” Romney reminds me of Charlton “Soylent Green is people” Heston.

  2. Cutting logic. Good thing for Mitt the voters will never get to first base regarding Bain Capital.
    Here is what is going to come thru the fog of our political media meltdown:

    Mitt was both a CEO and a reasonable governor. He is very focused on jobs jobs jobs.
    He is an old fashioned conservative: the compassionate kind.
    He has a handsome family. He is handsome. He might not make things better, but he won’t make things worse.

    Book it Dano…

    Those of you who think the country is sick of republicans are in for a rude shock.
    Those Dem Party bloggers who continually point out Obama’s resilient ratings are also in for a rude shock.
    The game is up. Half the Dem party is saying the economy is a half-filled bowl of cherries. The other half is saying it is the pits.
    The half that is saying it is fine, wants us to drink the Republican crazy juice on the uncertainty of the Federal deficit being a lagging indicator…

    Rumor has it, a Republican is contesting in Weiner’s old district…
    There are more registered Independents now than Democrats in Arizona…
    Sarah Palin smells blood in the water…
    I smell a horrific train wreck.

    The real question is how do you go from winning the Senate, the House, and the Presidency to a broken party with no coherent message in just 2.5 years?
    Isn’t there supposed to someone in charge of messaging for Dems? Who is leading this party? Ding-a-ling, Anybody home?

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