Liveblogging the midterms, Part IV

I might not have to slit my throat after all.

The Senate is a lost cause, and the Georgia and (probably) Florida governorships have gone the wrong way, but a couple of good results in the House have turned the 538 model to a 2/3 chance of Democratic control, while the NYT reports >95% and predicts 231 Democratic seats (+34) based on a popular-vote margin of almost 9.5%.

That means two years of investigating Republican misconduct, and in particular Adam Schiff having Mueller’s back.

Now if we can just take out Kobach and Walker …

Kobach has now officially lost. That makes up for a lot.

And 538 is now calling it 90% likely that the Democrats take the House.

Jared Polis has been elected Governor of Colorado.

Spanberger beat Dave Brat in Virginia.


Author: Mark Kleiman

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  1. Thank you for not slitting your throat.

    If you find that you have time on your hands now that you’ve decided to not die, I would be interested in seeing a transcript of that talk you gave. I have a very short attention span for online video. That’s the sort of thing I maybe should be embarrassed about, but so far I am not.

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