Liveblogging Palin

She starts out with one big advantage: trying with all her might, she couldn’t possibly manage to be as flat-out disgusting as Rudy Giuliani.

[TPM notes that Rudy ran long, fouling up the schedule and forcing the cancellation of the video bio that was supposed to precede Palin. Is Palin going to run out of time?]

Five minutes in, I have no idea how this is playing to the target, but she sounds to me like a candidate for Lieutenant Governor. Pleasant, but no gravitas.

Tells a lie about not needing focus groups and consultants when she ran for Mayor. She brought nasty Rovian tactics to what had been a nonpartisan job, and told the voters that she was going to be the town’s first “Christian” mayor.

Back to 1968; Republicans still running against the “media.” Will it play to undecideds this year?

More lies about how she got elected governor; no mention of Sen. Stevens.

“Put the government back on the side of the people.” No specifics, of course.

Talks about using her veto. Doesn’t mention her veto of shelters for unmarried mothers.

“State budget in surplus.” Not too hard if you’re a petro-state when oil is over $100 a barrel.

Repeats false claim about the Bridge to Nowhere; will reporters call her on it?

Now gets onto “energy independence.”

Lies about “Obama not having authored a single law.” Will the press call her on it?

Now she’s getting really filthy: Obama is going to make the country weaker. Terrorists threaten us and “he worries that someone won’t read them their rights.”

Hasn’t mentioned any of the “great things” John McCain has done. Funny, that.

As an attack dog, not bad. But I doubt this speech will reassure anyone concerned about her fitness for office.

“Only one candidate in this race has ever fought for you.” POW. POW. POW.

[Looks as if she ran past her hour; did the nets cut away?]

A great speech for rallying the base. Whether it worked overall depends largely on whether the press calls her on her lies.

I wonder how much money this is going to send Obama’s way.

Conclusion: I guess I shouldn’t have wasted the headline “Shameless Liar” on Rudy. He’s an amateur; his anger gives him away. She’s actually good at it.

Hilzoy’s fact check here.

Obama’s here.

Update Jim Kuhnhenn of the AP (!) gives Palin and others a fairly rough time on their abuse of facts: not as rough as they deserve, but it’s a start. So many lies; so little space.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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