No matter how much of a Hillary-hater I am, at least I’d never consort with Richard Mellon Scaife or use his newspaper as a vehicle for a political attack.

I’ve been diagnosed with Clinton Derangement Syndrome (which comes on top of a very severe case of Bush Derangement Syndrome). Like all delusional states, the patient has extremely limited self-awareness of his condition, and under the power of the delusion may say and do things that make no moral or practical sense in consensus reality.

But let me say just one thing in my own defense. No matter how intense my dislike of Hillary Clinton or my fear about the damage she is doing to the Democratic Party, I would never associate with Richard Mellon Scaife (of “Arkansas project” fame)


or use his tame newspaper &#8212 the one that accused Bill and Hillary Clinton of murdering Vince Foster &#8212 as a vehicle for a racially-charged attack on a political opponent.

That would be deranged. Indeed, it would call for an intervention. I hear Harry Reid may be organizing one.

Update Kevn Drum, who had such strong antibodies to CDS that he was mildly pro-Hillary until just before Super Tuesday, and who has been trying to control the epidemic of CDS among his colleagues, including me, has succumbed himself.

She’s been voted off the island. It’s time for her to go.

Second update Christopher Orr expands on a point also made by Atrios:

Drudge. Limbaugh. The American Spectator. Richard Mellon Scaife. What exactly is it going to take before Clinton campaign staffers recognize that they are, in essence, now working for the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy?

Author: Mark Kleiman

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  1. The Enemy Of My Enemy

    The man in the picture is Richard Mellon Scaife, and was one of the prime movers behind the Clinton murdered Vince Foster Story.  If we’re going to play the guilt by association game, not only do I want an explanation for this, but also for Rus…

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