Late-hit gay-bashing by BushCo

Why is the RNC doing an anti-gay mailing to Minneapolis?

Greg Abbott of City of Lakes reports on an anti-gay-marriage mailer the RNC is doing. Greg, as a member of his local Stonewall Democratic club, presumably wasn’t really part of the target audience for this mailing. Moreover, he points out that mass-mailing Minneapolis on anti-gay themes probably isn’t very wise.

Two take-home points from this, I think:

1. There’s not much doubt that anti-gay messages are central to the Bush campaign strategy. Libertarians might want to notice. Moreover, those who think that the nation is at war might want to ask whether sowing division in this way on behalf of the incumbent President is really consistent with the national unity requisite to victory.

2. I’ve been wishing for some time that BushCo had given the same ruthless and unwavering attention to winning the current phase of the war in Iraq that they have to winning the election. It hadn’t occurred to me to wish that some of the incompetence they’ve shown in Iraq might show up in the campaign.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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