La cravate a la lanterne!

EU to ban neckties in its offices in the summer. Hurrah!

Today’s FT reports that the European Commission is proposing to ban the wearing of neckties by Eurocrats in the summertime. The excuse is energy conservation; men with open collars (and no jackets) presumably can tolerate warmer offices, saving on air-conditioning.


Getting rid of that ugly, expensive, and uncomfortable badge of middle-classness will certainly improve the quality of EU decision-making by improving the oxygen supply to the brains of the Eurocrats, and perhaps making them less pompous. I’ve often believed that there are certain lies &#8212 anything said by Tony Snow, for example &#8212 that can only be told by men wearing neckties or women equivalently dressed. Without the tie to mark you as a personage rather than a person, you just couldn’t say that crap without giggling.

Who would have expected such a great blow for hippie/Boomer/Angeleno culture to come from Brussels, of all places?

Author: Mark Kleiman

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