Kerry, veterans, and the active military

No, Kerry actually isn’t doing better among veterans than Gore did four years ago.

Turns out my guess that Kerry’s six-point deficit among veterans represented an improvement over Gore’s performance was wrong.

The Chef at Ragout has the numbers. At least pre-speech, Kerry wasn’t doing any better among veterans (even Vietnam-era veterans) than Gore did four years ago, according to the Pew survey.

That doesn’t mean Kerry’s emphasis on his service record is a mistake: the audience for that is much wider than veterans. But it isn’t good news.

Related query: I wonder how Kerry is doing among active-duty and reserve servicemembers and their families? It wouldn’t be surprising if they were feeling mistreated, and they might be willing to give a Democrat a look, especially a Democrat wrapped in the flag.

Update: The Carpetbagger report reports progress: the CBS poll over the weekend had Kerry slightly ahead of Bush among veterans.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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