Joyner on Giuliani

“Dangerously stupid”

“Batsh*t insane”

“Either a charlatan or a simpleton”

“This is beyond ideology; it’s just dumb

No, that’s not me talking about Rudy Giuliani; that’s conservative James Joyner … talking about Rudy Giuliani’s foreign policy.

This is truly excellent news. It means that some pieces of Red Blogistan won’t just salute whatever the GOP decides to run up the flagpole.

Of the current leaders, even including Huckabee, Giuliani is the one I’d most fear in the White House, mostly because of how plain mean he is. But he’s also the one with the largest potential crossover appeal, if he can get the press to ignore the fact that he’s a dangerous sociopath. I have been seriously worried that he might pull it off. In that context, Joyner’s reaction is reassuring.

Kudos to Joyner for refusing the Kool-Aid.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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