Jon Stewart on Bush’s job description

The funniest political commentary I’ve seen in years.

If your biggest problem in life is that you spend too much time laughing hysterically when you ought to be working, you shouldn’t watch this Daily Show clip.

Otherwise, you should.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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4 thoughts on “Jon Stewart on Bush’s job description”

  1. Two observations:
    1. Jon Stewart is wonderful.
    2. So many of Bush's comments are about process and appearance, rather than substance. Maybe his Harvard MBA training had a perverse effect. Maybe it's too much time spent with Karl Rove.
    Is there any doubt that this is our worst president ever?

  2. Our poor President can't win for losing. If "The job of the president is X" was a standard part of his speeches, The Daily Show would string together clips of him repeating the same phrase over and over and over.
    So the guy mixes it up and comes up with new "my job is…" descriptions, only so some TDS intern can comb through TiVo'd speeches and assemble this hatchet job.
    Did you stick around til the end of the show? There were more that they couldn't fit in the main segment.

  3. Nice collection of characteristically vacuous Bush clips, but Stewart's commentry was almost as vacuous.
    I'm a supporter of Jon Stewart, but not a fan.

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