“Jokes and fairytales”

The Start-Leger weighs in on Ft. Lee. Yes, Baroni ought to testify under oath. But why not Christie? “Never talk to the monkey if the organ-grinder is available.”

The Newark Star-Ledger wants to know howsa bout the Ft. Lee affair. I agree that Baroni ought to testify under oath. But why not Christie? “Never talk to the monkey if the organ-grinder is available.”

Author: Mark Kleiman

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7 thoughts on ““Jokes and fairytales””

  1. I think the theory is that loyalty to Christie was the motivator, but Christie was not the requestor.

    So if you think the monkey outside was acting on his own, while the organ grinder was inside the Starbucks getting his coffee, you grill the monkey.

    1. If the monkey was acting on his own, the organ grinder will fire him for cause and will do so at once, with a strong disavowal of what the monkey did. Within a few days, we will find out if this occurs.

      1. Good point. On the other hand, the organ grinder always sends the monkey out to do his dirty work (like pick the pockets of the crowd), so I don’t assign a whole lot of weight to the “monkey acting on his own” theory. Of course, once the monkey is caught in the act, the organ grinder is compelled to blame the monkey either way.

  2. It’s somewhat premature to call CC. There’s a reason that prosecutions move on witnesses in a conspiracy from the bottom up: Small fry are not nearly as invested in a conspiracy and can be offered relatively “cheap” concessions to get them to roll over on those in superior positions in the conspiracy. Offer the small fry immunity from prosecution and they begin to rat on their superiors.

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