John Lewis and Prop. 8 – Huh?

Call me dense, but I just don’t understand Jonathan’s Zasloff’s involving John Lewis in prop 8.

Pardon me, but I just don’t understand Jonathan Zasloff’s contra-factual parable invoking John Lewis.

Ignoring for the moment that John Lewis is a member of Congress from Georgia with many other election responsibilities, if he were to weigh in on Prop 8 as a civil rights issue, why should it be largely or exclusively in Black churches? African American regular church-goers open to changing their views must make up a relatively small part of the overall California electorate. In 2008 do we really think John Lewis has no sway with voters of other backgrounds?

As a question of resource allocation, getting those already inclined to vote no on prop 8 would have been a better use of time than appearing in Churches the month before the election.