John Cornyn, Wallacite

The boy is father to the man.

Oliver Willis provides a new slant on the Cornyn affair: it turns out Cornyn supported George Wallace for President in 1968. Note how the current overheated rhetoric about the “out-of-control” federal judiciary descends in unbroken line from Wallace’s old rants in defense of “the Great Anglo-Saxon Southland” against “certain federal judges.” (Read Wallace’s whole speech; if you just file the explicitly racist edges off a little bit, it wouldn’t sound at all out of place at a Republican convention.)

Now can we hear a little bit more about how unfair it is to accuse Republicans of playing footsie with racists?

On the other hand, you can’t deny that Cornyn has done his bit to bring the country together: who else could have persuaded Glenn Reynolds to agree with Oliver Willis?

Author: Mark Kleiman

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