Jim Webb’s full throated endorsement of Obama and put down of Mitt Romney


Jim Webb brought his passion and his eloquence to the task of  introducing President Obama today in Virginia Beach.   Senator Webb, a combat veteran, was Secretary of the Navy in the Reagan Administration and can be considered the tribune of the Upland South, and so he speaks with special authority.

Per Politico,  “Webb drops the hammer on Romney,” for his lack of military service, lack of recognition of military service in his speech accepting the “nomination to be commander-in-chief,” and most of all for his attitude toward the “47%” including veterans and military folks on active duty in combat zones overseas.

Read the full text.

Can someone find the video and cut it into a campaign ad?

UPDATE:  Thanks to commenter  MovieJay who has provided the link:

MovieJay says:
Here is a link to the entire rally, beginning with Senator Webb’s incredible remarks, followed by President Obama. Please pass it along, retweet it, post it to your facebook.


13 thoughts on “Jim Webb’s full throated endorsement of Obama and put down of Mitt Romney”

  1. “It’s six weeks before the election and we still don’t really know what Governor Romney wants to do as President. That should make you worried. On the other hand we’ve heard a lot about what Congressman Ryan wants to do. And that should make you scared.”

    That’s a pretty good short paragraph.

  2. Please on my knees I beg you how can I assess the video of this moving address. May the good lord bless his heart!

  3. Oh, sorry. Won’t post it in replies anymore! I was being repetitive so that peoples e-mails would get alerted to the reply!

  4. I thought Sen. Webb’s speech was an excellent definition of the nature of this election. An amazing speech. Thank you for providing the links. 30

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