It’s official …

… CBS News just took the news out of “news.” If Lou Dobbs wants to make stuff up, that’s fine with them.

There’s no inconsistency between making stuff up and having a slot on CBS.

From NPR:

CBS News executive Steve Friedman says he’s getting exactly zero heartache from the 60 Minutes report about his newest star.

Friedman sought Dobbs out as soon as he saw that ABC’s rival Good Morning America had landed the conservative talk radio and cable host Glenn Beck as a commentator.

Friedman says he hopes Dobbs can help draw in new viewers to the CBS Early Show — including those who disagree with him.

“Lou is provocative. And the 60 Minutes report on Lou is also provocative,” Friedman says. “Morning television is a warehouse of ideas and rants — and we are looking for people’s ideas and what’s going on and let people talk and think about them.”


Author: Mark Kleiman

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