You can learn a lot of neat stuff surfing the web. F’rinstance: bet you didn’t know that al-Islam is “nothing more than a barbaric occult invented for savages by savages.” Yup. Says so right here, at

So what? Lots of nuts out there in cyberspace; we all know that. Well (this I learned from Media Whores Online) it turns out that the official website of the Guilford County, NC Republican Party (that’s the third-biggest county in the state, including Greensboro and High Point) links to IslamExposed. (Click on the link, and then site search for “Islam” will find it.)

Wait: it just gets weirder. IslamExposed turns out to be part of something called Atheist Banner Exchange, including such sites as, as well as a site that seems to be pushing Objectivism.

I just sent a note to the county Republican chairman (listed on the site) asking about the relationship between the party and IslamExposed. My guess: the party pooh-bahs know nothing of this, and the webmaster will turn out to be some Randite geek. My second guess: the party has nothing to do with it at all, and someone really did hack their website. I will post any response from the Guilford County GOP chairman. In the meantime, I hope the Bowles campaign has fun with this.


Hmph. My guesses aren’t looking so good. It’s 24 hours later, no response from the party chairman, and the link is still up. So maybe someone at the GOP really wants to appeal to anti-Muslim sentiment, and just hasn’t noted the atheist link.


A North Carolina reader alerts me to the following text that has now appeared above the link:

This site was introduced to readers of The Guilford GOP does not endorse the opinions expressed on this website, nor have we fully researched the site It is presented as interesting reading material relating to the War on Terrorism.

We have received a few emails from Muslims who indicate that this material misrepresents their religion.

But, they might add, we’re having too much fun pushing relgious prejudice to stop now, and we’re too *^@+!#$% stupid to follow the link to “” Just remember, these are the folks whose loyalty Bush has to keep.

THIRD UPDATE — December 28

The link is finally down, after a local reporter called the party chairman about it. The chairman had no idea that such a link existed, and took it down right away. “That’s not what we’re about,” he huffed. Yes, the very same chairman to whom I sent a polite inquiry email in the middle of November. A politician needs a strong memory and an even stronger forgettery. Follow-up post here.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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