Is “Valerie Plame” a misnomer?

Jim at Rkayn Knowledge, writing from the right, agrees that there seems to be a real scandal here. (So far, no one, to my knowledge, who has noticed the issue at all has tried to deny its significance.)

Jim also makes a good argument from various sources that Joseph Wilson’s wife is probably known as Valerie Wilson, rather than as Valerie Plame. I”m sorry to have contributed to spreading what was probably misinformation, and will try to discipline myself to write “Valerie Plame Wilson” from now on.

The MinuteMan suggests that writing to reporters and editors is likely to be at least as valuable as writing to Congressfolk in making sure this story isn’t buried. (*) He suggests that Howie Kurtz’s noon Monday (Eastern time) on-line chat might be a good venue in which to promote the question of who burned Valerie Plame Wilson. Here are the ground rules, and here is the link for submitting questions and comments, before or during the session. (Right now, for example, would be an especially propitious time for you to write a brief, pointed, courteous question.)

It turns out that Kurtz has already mentioned (*) some of Newsday’s coverage of the affair.

Thread starts here.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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