In which I agree with Dick Cheney

Yes, a candidate for vice-president should be someone who could take over if the president dies.

However, a vice-president who takes over before the president dies is not so obviously desirable.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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5 thoughts on “In which I agree with Dick Cheney”

  1. The VP can temporarily take over, if the P is incapacitated mentally or physically.

    There is an easy joke to make here about GWB here, left as an exercise to the reader.

  2. Cheney performed a coupdetat on 9/11. That was the last day of Bush’s presidency. I know I spelled that wrong.

    1. Cheney was in charge from the beginning, not just from 9/11. Shrub played the same role in the Shrub administration that he played as owner of the Texas Rangers. Manipulable front men who know their place are a valuable commodity.

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