In case you were wondering …

House Republicans just put Tom DeLay on the Appropriations subcommittee that handles the Justice Department budget. Their new Majority Leader rents his home from a lobbyist.

… whether corruption is now part of the official Republican operations manual:

1. Tom DeLay, as he awaits word on whether the Justice Department is going to indict him for his shady doings with Jack Abramoff, was just awarded the Republican seat on the all-powerful Appropriations Committee vacated by Duke Cunningham’s guilty plea on bribery charges. He was assigned to the subcommittee that writes the budget of the Justice Department.

2. John Boehner, the new leader of the Republican majority in the House &#8212 elected on a platform of being slightly less corrupt than Roy Blunt &#8212 turns out to have been renting a two-bedroom apartment on Capitol Hill from a lobbyist.

Any questions?

Author: Mark Kleiman

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