Immigration Crisis Solved!

It’s pretty simple, actually: those opposed to making citizens out of illegal immigrants say that it is wrong to be rewarded for violating the law. That’s true, as a general matter. (In my view, it is vastly overstated: we don’t take away someone’s license for a parking ticket.) But in any event, why not say that those illegal immigrants who want to become citizens have to pay a particular penalty?

Now McCain-Kennedy already does that, of course. But I’m thinking of something far more specific: why don’t illegal immigrants have to do precisely what Rush Limbaugh must do under his plea agreement?

I’d love to see the right wing, which has condemned Limbaugh’s probation/plea agreement as unduly harsh, answer this: why suddenly is it a free ride for an illegal immigrant to do precisely what Limbaugh must do, even though the immigrant (unlike LImbaugh) has not actually committed a crime?

Author: James Wimberley

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7 thoughts on “Immigration Crisis Solved!”

  1. It wouldn't be a free ride, since the terms of that agreement would require an illegal immigrant to leave the country immediately, and stay out.
    1. You will refrain from violation of any law.
    Including immigration laws, employment laws, laws against the use of forged ID?
    2. You will pay X thirty dollars…
    Yeah, a fine to cover the cost of finding and deporting them would be pefectly reasonable, and, yeah, Limbaugh got an insane bargain.
    3. You will work regularly at a lawful occupation…
    In Mexico, one would assume, since NO occupation is lawful if you're here illegally.
    So, sure, bring it on, that would be much harsher than current policy.

  2. Damn fine idea. If some Fukienese fisherman can come up with $30K to get smuggled here on a tramp steamer, he can pay the US Treasury instead. We could even sell guestworker coupons on Ebay. This would put the coyotes and snakeheads out of business and more importantly get the free-market types onside.

  3. Actually, the term 'illegal' implies criminal activity.
    And Rush is a wanker.

  4. Crossing an international border without following the laws of the countries involved is a crime. Staying beyond the length of your visa is a crime. Pay for it.

  5. "Staying beyond the length of your visa is a crime. Pay for it."
    Is this true, or did you just make it up? Staying beyond the length of one's visa is a crime? I don't think so. I could be wrong, but I don't think there's any such criminal law.

  6. Christopher surely can't believe that violating a visa entails no penalty. Jonathan should know that the penalty prescribed for unauthorized entry into the USA is…deportation.

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