Illicit Tobacco and Nicotine Markets

Big Tobacco is consistently overstating black market in cigarettes–while still facilitating tobacco smuggling. Bloomberg to fund new $20 million global industry watchdog based in Bath.

Commissioner Andriukaitis on the adoption of an EU-wide track and trace system. Big Tobacco fumes over new EU salvo in cigarette smuggling war. Andriukaitis lashes out at tobacco industry, says it uses ‘tricks’ to bypass legislation. Angry tobacco industry asks Andriukaitis for ‘transparent dialogue.’ International Tax Stamp Association v. European Commission: the little court case that could? UK Association of Convenience Stores: Impact of Track and Trace on Retailers.

Why the EU’s track and trace system fails to live up to World Health Organization requirements. Track and trace leaves the fox guarding the henhouse; ‘may let tobacco industry in by back door.’ Track and Trace: Best Practices & Country Experiences.

India studies Kenya digital stamps to curb tobacco tax evasion. Can Macron get France to finally quit smoking? Can Europe rein in Big Tobacco? Will the Canada big premiers’ meeting stamp down on illegal smokes? Large fake Kent cigarette factory discovered in Iraq, seized by authorities. UK HMRC and police seize illegal cigarettes and alcohol in raids. Bulgaria destroys over 24 tons of illicit tobacco. Illegal cigarettes increasing presence in Brazil and Southern Cone. Australia illegal tobacco targeted under new laws.

Tobacco control is not the principal driver of illicit trade in tobacco. Other factors include the ease and cost of operating in a country, organized crime networks, government policies on illicit trade of tobacco products, and the general acceptance of illicit trade in a country.

Threat to duty-free tobacco as WHO‘s Protocol to Eliminate the Use of Illicit Tobacco Products (ITP) is ratified. Analysis of Article 6 of the World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

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  1. As a libertarian internet meme put it recently, referring to Adam and Eve and the apple, “Prohibition didn’t work even when God tried it”. Exactly.

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