If You Do It, Do It Right

A former student of mine sent me the following reaction to the Miers nomination, which I thought was worth sharing with our readers:

“I’m very disgusted at Bush’s announcement. When someone appoints a woman or minority to such a position, they need to find someone who is just as qualified as the most qualified white men available. Given American society, there may be fewer of them to choose from, but by now there definitely are a bunch, and Miers is NOT ONE OF THEM. This is a set-back for women in high office — it would have been better if he hadn’t chosen a woman at all. For goodness sake, when Laura gives W directions, shouldn’t she know by now that she needs to be specific and added “qualified”?”

Author: Steven M. Teles

Steven Teles is a Visiting Fellow at the Yale Center for the Study of American Politics. He is the author of Whose Welfare? AFDC and Elite Politics (University Press of Kansas), and co-editor of Ethnicity, Social Mobility and Public Policy (Cambridge). He is currently completing a book on the evolution of the conservative legal movement, co-editing a book on conservatism and American Political Development, and beginning a project on integrating political analysis into policy analysis. He has also written journal articles and book chapters on international free market think tanks, normative issues in policy analysis, pensions and affirmative action policy in Britain, US-China policy and federalism. He has taught at Brandeis, Boston University, Holy Cross, and Hamilton colleges, and been a research fellow at Harvard, Princeton and the University of London.