If it was just the “seven morons” …

… then why did two MI officers sign Article 31 statements (asserting the privilege against self-incrimination) when called as prosecution witnesses against of Cpl. Graner? A third witness — a civilian Titan Corp. employee — “elected not to participate in the proceedings and was excused.” The LA Times story interprets that as meaning that the civilian was excused on the basis of the Fifth Amendment privilege. (Does anyone know if that’s right? Or do civilians have some sort of generic exemption from being compelled to testify at courts-martial?)

Maybe the three — all named in the Taguba report — were merely acting out of an abundance of caution. But their refusal seems inconsistent with the theory, still being pushed hard by defenders of Rumsfeld and Bush, that this was merely a case of seven depraved MPs acting out.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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    Mark Kleiman says that officers pleading the fifth during court martial proceedings proves the torture wasn't just seven morons on a frolick o ftheir own. If officers are taking the fifth, then it goes higher than the boots on the ground. Then Kleiman …

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