If IQ Measures Only Performance On IQ Tests, Then How Do You Know Your Death-Row Client is Retarded?

I just stumbled over an old Kevin Drum item about the devastating effects of lead exposure on IQ. It makes an important substantive point about social policy, but I was particularly struck by the beautiful opening phrase:

Any of you who think that IQ is merely the reification of culturally approved behavioral norms will probably want to read no further,

Right. Isn’t it amazing how a measurement tool well known to readers of Stephen Jay Gould as a scientific hoax with racist antecedents suddenly becomes valid when it measures the effects of an environmental problem or shows that some murderer is really too dumb to be held responsible?

Nothing justifies support for the current version of the Republican party, but when I listen to some of what passes for left-of-center political discourse I can certainly understand the temptation.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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