If I were Saakashvili …

… I’d be asking Randy Scheunemann for a refund.

… I’d be asking Randy Scheunemann for a refund.

Sarkozy’s deal, as one would have expected given France’s traditional pro-Russian stance, is a disaster for the Georgians, making no mention at all of the country’s territorial integrity and allowing Russian “peacekeepers” unspecified extra scope for action. Indeed, Medvedev is still demanding that the two provinces, which will continue to be occupied by Russian “peacekeepers” with Georgian forces forbidden to enter, should be able to “choose” whether to be annexed to Russia.

Of course, this is nothing like Munich. Mustn’t say Munich.

And note the surrender cease-fire was negotiated entirely without reference to the United States. The President was playing grab-ass with the women’s volleyball team in Beijing, and the Secretary of State was on vacation. Pitiful.

Footnote There’s good news, of course, for Condi Rice. Her academic work was about the Soviet Union, and ever since 1989 unkind people have called her “an expert on a country that no longer exists.” With her skillful assistance, Putin may manage to revive it, so Condi will again have a country to be an expert on. It’s an ill wind …

Author: Mark Kleiman

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