If an Honest Politician is One Who Stays Bought

… it turns out that Ahmad Chalabi isn’t. Even his sponsors at the Pentagon weren’t happy to discover that all his prewar “intelligence” was merely blowing smoke, and he suddenly likes the French ideas of early elections to install an Iraqi government, which he thinks he will be able to run; [*] that, of course, doesn’t fit Team Bush’s plans for a long, leisurely occupation that will make the U.S. the undisputed boss of the Middle East (and allow the President’s cronies to get rich peddling influence).

Apparently Condi had to take little Ahmad aside adn tell him, “Mustn’t, mustn’t! Mommy spank.” [*]

Remember when the neocons were telling us that people who disbelieved Chalabi and thought he was a slippery little crook were disloyal to the President, if not to the country?

Author: Mark Kleiman

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