Ice cream in honor of the Beloved Leader

Now that Ben & Jerry’s has Yes Pecan for Obama fans, what about something for the Bushoids? Would you like some Freedom Vanilla ice cream on your Heckuvajob Brownie?

Now that Ben & Jerry’s has introduced “Yes Pecan” in honor of our new President, there’s a clear Fairness Doctrine case for having a Bush-oriented flavor as well. Some of the less obscene suggestions from a viral email:

Mission Pecanplished

Abu Grape

Cluster Fudge

Iraqi Road

Chock ‘n Awe


Impeach Cobbler



Heckuvajob Brownie


Rocky Road to Fascism

Grape Depression

Cookie D’oh!

Credit Crunch

Nougalar Proliferation

Death by Chocolate… and Torture

Chocolate Chip On My Shoulder

Nut’n Accomplished

Country Pumpkin


Chocolate Chimp

Bloody Sundae

Caramel Preemptive Stripe

and, of course, the patriot’s choice:

Freedom Vanilla

I’d say Freedom Vanilla ice cream on a Heckuvajob Brownie sounds pretty tempting.

Update A reader points out that the above list inexcusably omits Chokealot Pretzel.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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