Hurrah for Tom Harkin and Jeanne Shaheen

They’ve filed a bill to make the filibuster a means of delaying legislation rather than a means of abrogating majority rule. It can’t pass now – a rules change could be filibustered – but it could at the beginning of the next Congress.

If you want to send Harkin $22 (in honor of Rule XXII) you can do so here.

You can donate to Shaheen here.

I heard from Tom Udall’s office that they got half-a-dozen checks the first afternoon I suggested it.   This stuff gets remembered.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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2 thoughts on “Hurrah for Tom Harkin and Jeanne Shaheen”

  1. Can't wait to see the 2010 campaign commercials after the Republicans come out against this bill, where the Democrats will simply play the old Schoolhouse Rock video, "I'm just a bill," and interspose the frames with Republican soundbites arguing against simple majority bicameralism and presentment.

  2. Why should the Reeps be against this? Current polling says they would have 48 seats if the 2010 election were held tomorrow, and that the Dems would lose another 6 or so of the 2012 class if that election were held tomorrow. They wouldn't be pleased to have the Dems able to block them, then, would they?

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