Huntsman lands a blow to Romney’s gut

This man is dangerous.

I was worried that Gov. Romney had gotten some sort of Invulnerability Potion from his friend Professor Snape, but Gov. Huntsman managed to hit him hard this morning.  Romney had hammered Huntsman for serving as Barack Obama’s Ambassador to China, and …

“Country first” is pretty good, but bringing in his sons in uniform was brilliant.

This reinforces my belief that Huntsman is dangerous: an extreme conservative who is intelligent and articulate and isn’t an obvious lunatic. But what’s with the hair-do?

Author: Mark Kleiman

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9 thoughts on “Huntsman lands a blow to Romney’s gut”

  1. Last night, as Romney attacked Hunstman for serving the Obama administration, I expected Huntsman to reply with the obvious – that he loved his country more than he hated Obama. Instead, Huntsman apparently decided it would be cool to be irrelevant in Mandarin, apparently because he was tired of being irrelevant in English.

    It’s nice that Huntsman eventually figured out the proper response, or was told it, some time during the intervening twelve hours, though you’d think it might have occurred to him to contemplate the issue previously. Sure was nice of Mitt to tee it up for him; more effective than Huntsman begging some reporters to write a story featuring the riposte he came up with sometime later.

    Huntsman is still the rheumy one-eyed man in the land of the blind people who insist light doesn’t exist, though.

  2. Except Huntsman doubled down on the stupid when he embraced “the Ryan Plan,” also known as “the Galt plan.” Lost anyone with an ounce of knowledge about public policy and how the real federal budget works.

  3. This reinforces my belief that Huntsman is dangerous: an extreme conservative who is intelligent and articulate and isn’t an obvious lunatic.

    He is also a billionaire. Except for being a US Senator, is there any other situation that guarantees you’ll be so full of your own greatness so as to lose complete touch with reality? I think not. Yeah absolute power corrupts absolutely. But that’s nothing compared to the disease of having an infinite amount of money. It positively guarantees mental illness and absolutely ruins you as a human being…

  4. It’s remarkable that at the same time the party is getting crazier and crazier, its nominees are actually improving. I think McCain would’ve made a better president than Bush, and Romney would make a better president than McCain. Huntsman, who might be the Republican nominee four years from now, seems like a better bet than Romney. Sure, having relatively sane and intelligent Republican nominees makes it harder for Democrats to get elected, and what we need is more and better Democrats. But elections are strange things, and I’d be orders of magnitude happier with President Romney a year from now than I would be with a President Palin or Santorum. (Romney strikes me as an very intelligent and sane person — with a repugnant ethic of serving himself at any cost.)

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