How’s That Again?

Savor, if you will, this reflection on the decision by the Episcopal Church USA to ratify the selection of a gay man as a bishop:

REFLECTING ON THE ROBINSON ELECTION, David Anderson, president of the American Anglican Council said if Christians die in countries like Nigeria and Indonesia, countries with strong Islamic populations, because the mullahs read the General Convention news to the Muslim Friday Prayers services, the blood of our Christian brothers and sisters will be on the hands of this Convention and the Bishops and Deputies who voted for the hugely volatile issues. This [*] is from a quasi-official website maintained by the American Anglican Council. I can’t find a primary-source cite for the quotation or its precise wording.]

Let me make sure I understand this: If Muslims who hate homosexuals decide to murder Christians, the blood of those Christians will be on the hands of Christians who fail to hate homosexuals enough.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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