Howard Dean as William Jennings Bryan?

At great personal cost, I’ve been attempting emulate my candidate, rein in my natural combativeness, and speak no ill of other Democrats (not counting Al Sharpton). But it seems to me Andy Sabl really has Howard Dean’s number.

See for yourself.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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2 thoughts on “Howard Dean as William Jennings Bryan?”

  1. Dean = McGovern Dukakis Goldwater Bryan?

    Mark Kleiman points us to this article by Andy Sabl comparing Howard Dean to turn-of-the-last-century Democrat William Jennings Bryan. Let's break this down a little. A little over a week ago, Howard Dean speculated in a radio interview that George…

  2. Pretty please?

    Dear Wes Clark supporters, Will you please–pretty please?–reign in the vitriol and hyperbole just a bit when you attack Howard Dean? If Clark and Dean are running mates, in whatever order, you and I will be at the same MeetUps….

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