How to say “Romney is full of sh*t” in British

The Financial Times shows how it’s done.

The Financial Times demonstrates:

Mr Romney … has gone through so many contortions to win his party’s nomination that it is hard to see how he would govern in practice. His wishlist includes an aspiration to raise Pentagon spending by a fifth while cutting everyone’s taxes and still somehow balancing the books. Such fiscal alchemy is an exercise in evasion, not a recipe for sustainable economic recovery.

Mr Romney’s latest positioning as a pragmatic centrist appears to fit far better than his earlier incarnation as a rock-ribbed conservative Republican beholden to the Tea Party. The trouble is that it is impossible to be sure. His protean persona relies more on market research than any innate political philosophy.

Four out of five grown-up conservatives agree: Slinky is not fit to be President.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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6 thoughts on “How to say “Romney is full of sh*t” in British”

  1. Hey, this might have some heart-stirring impact, because it would be quaint and charming and rousing!

    If you have a musical instrument of any kind — a drum; a guitar; a trombone — get out there on Mon. and Election Day Tuesday, and march up and down your street, or any street or sidewalk (SAFELY!) and play that instrument. And carry a sign that says something like “VOTE! Democracy depends on YOU!!” Don’t be partisan. Just get out the vote.

    “Democracy depends on YOU! Get out and vote Today!” “Soldiers died so we could vote, Get out and vote Today!” “Marines did die so we could vote! Get out and vote Today!”

    Think about how rousing it could be to have a neighbor, or two or five, walking up and down the blocks, playing music and urging citizens to defend democracy by voting.

    Could be great.

    1. then the musicians could go and entertain the 6-hour-long lineups provided by Republican secretaries of state …

  2. “…raise Pentagon spending by a fifth while cutting everyone’s taxes…”

    Can anyone please explain why “whilst” is not used here? This is British, right?

  3. Four out of five grown-up conservatives agree: Slinky is not fit to be President.

    Except the one you’re quoting can’t vote here, probably four out of five US conservatives are as partisan as you are and will vote for Romney regardless, and virtually five out of five conservatives agree that Obama is not fit to be President either. You wouldn’t want them to waste their votes on some third-party loser, would you?

    America has been choosing between the lesser of two evils for so long that she doesn’t recognize she’s only offered the choice between the evil of two lessers.

  4. According to a YouGov poll, only 7% of British voters would vote for Romney, versus 70% for Obama. Even among Conservative voters the split is 68-12 in favour of Obama. 3/4 of those polled also said Obama is doing a very good or fairly good job.

    The current Republican party simply does not compute as a mainstream option in the UK (except maybe Northern Ireland), or most Western countries outside the US for that matter.

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