How Obama Might Respond to the Ayers Attack

Obama should respond to any mention of Ayers at the debate by bringing up McCain’s current association with lobbyists.

If John McCain musters the courage to raise the phony Ayers question in debate with Obama, here’s one way Obama might respond.

You want to talk about what associations show.

How about your associations with lobbyists? President Reagan’s Political Director decries the fact that your campaign “is being run by the Washington lobbying class.” The man you have appointed to plan your presidency is one of Washington’s biggest lobbyists, who wielded his influence on behalf of Saddam Hussein because he stood to gain a lot of money. Your foreign policy adviser was in the pay of a foreign government. Your campaign manager took $2 million from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

You want to know what it says about my judgment that I worked to help school children alongside a wide range of Chicago’s leaders, including a man who did bad things when I was eight years old, but was recognized as Chicago’s citizen of the year when I knew him. Fair enough.

But what does it say about your judgment and how you would govern that you have all these lobbyists running your campaign and your transition right now?

Your campaign theme is country first, but it looks to America more like lobbyists first. That’s not change. That’s not the leadership we need.

Our country was founded, as Lincoln said, to provide a government of the people, by the people, and for the people — That’s how an Obama administration will be — not of the lobbyists, by the lobbyists, and for the wealthy special interests.