Holocaust denialism at the ADL

The Turkish government massacred of hundreds of thousands of Armenians, says the ADL, but it would be RUDE to call that genocide. Ick.

Matt Yglesias is right: this kind of crap is Not Good for the Jews. Holocaust denialism (Turkish/Armenian variant) is now a job requirement for employment by the Anti-Defamation League? Can you say “mishegas“?

Yes, I can understand that a government might have to bend the truth to the exigencies of diplomacy. But there’s no reason the ADL can’t let its New England Regional Director call a genocide a genocide.

If Democrats take back the federal government next year, there’s going to have to be a reckoning with outfits such as ADL and AIPAC. I can’t tell whether they take their lead from right-wing Israeli politicians because of their Republican affiliations or pal around with Republicans because they’re in bed with Likud. But it has to stop. Either they need new leadership or we need new organizations.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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