7 thoughts on “History lesson, courtesy of Marco Rubio”

  1. C'mon, Johann, be realistic. You are not unfamiliar with (a) patriotic speechifying, and (b) advertising.

    It's never been clear to me which of those two takes more liberties with the truth, but this particular b.s. is clearly within the bounds of propriety of both of those two.

    1. You know, it's actually funny — I brought this tweet to the attention of a good friend of mine, and he too seemed puzzled about why it astonished me so. Perfectly par for the course, in his view.

      Then again, I'll remain amused that *I'm* the one being un-realistic in still finding buffoonery like Rubio's surprising. I must remember to be more Reality-Based in this Community, damnit!

  2. Yes, it's ridiculous. OTOH, I think if you grade on a curve, the US comes out pretty well. Belgium for example was a more destructive imperialist power than the US was prior to WWII, as was the UK.

    1. I rather expect that the Apache (especially the Jicarilla band), the Nez Perce and any of the Five Civilized Tribes of Oklahoma would take issue with that assessment. I also expect that list is incomplete.

    1. But that is ancient history—it happened before I was born! Therefore it did not happen.

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