Hillaryites for McCain, my @ss

PUMA PAC was founded by a woman whose sole prior political contribution had been to John McCain.


I’d always sort of expected that most of the “former Clinton supporters for McCain” stuff on the Web is so much troll scat. Some of the stuff is so raw and racist that the McCain campaign has just pulled its Web ads from the offending sites. Now we discover, via Amanda Marcotte and Kevin K. of Rumproast that one element of the “Just Say No Deal” coalition, the PUMA PAC, was set up by a woman who claims to be a lifelong Democrat (don’t they all?) but whose only recorded political contribution was to John McCain in 2000: zip to Gore, zip to Kerry, zip to Clinton.

Not that there aren’t genuine Clinton voters now willing to vote for McCain. Some of them, the stone racists who refer to Barack Obama (President, Harvard Law Review) as the “unqualified Affirmative Action candidate,” are beyond recapture. For those who want to keep the White House white, no amount of reasoning about Roe v. Wade or Ledbetter or Iraq is going to make any difference. The rest, the ones whose passionate support for Clinton has left them bitter about the outcome, and who have been talked into the idea that somehow the nomination was “stolen” for Obama, will mostly decide by election day that four more years of Bushism is too high a price to pay to punish Howard Dean. I’m hoping that this latest revelation will give some of them pause about how their passion is being used by the friends of tyranny.

Update Grlpatriot at MyDD finds that the PUMA PAC founder actually gave a total of $650 to Clinton this year. So her claim to be pro-Hillary seems justified. She claims to have been a consistent Democratic voter, though never a contributor other than to McCain; she claims that her contribution to, and vote for, McCain in 2000 were part of an attempt to derail Bush. Amanda Marcotte concedes that her original story was wrong.

If Ms. Murphy is in fact an actual Democrat, as seems to be the case, then she and the rest of the anti-Obama Democrats will have to figure out a way to distance themselves from the trolls and the racists. (For example, Larry Johnson’s site, to which I refuse to link but which the rest of the Just Say No Deal coalition uses as a source of information, posted a drawing showing Barack Obama as the Ace of Spades.) So far, that doesn’t seem to be a priority. But in the real world the enemy of my enemy is not always my friend.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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