“He makes plastic look authentic”

Andrew Sullivan on Mitt Romney. Ouch!

Author: Mark Kleiman

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4 thoughts on ““He makes plastic look authentic””

  1. "Plastics."

    Anyway, it is not outlandish to imagine a degenerate complaint against this bon mot (and a nerd complaint that these are technically 5 bons mots) because their theories involve heavy complaint about the relevance of authenticity and nature as compared to self-invention.

  2. Never mind.

    To engage in gossipy stupidity, I wonder if Romney has had plastic surgery. He seems fairly … preserved for a man of his age. Probably not. It's probably just washing his face and eating his vegetables.

  3. Then there's the other quip someone came up with (can't recall), that Romney had sold his soul so many times, it's now available on EBay. Or was that McCain?

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