Arizona politics is just as rough as “Chicago politics.” People get killed.
Don Bolles, for example, the reporter who was killed on the orders of mob boss Kemper Marley.
Marley’s convicted-felon business partner, Jim Hensley, the man Marley set up with the Budweiser distributorship for Arizona, later sponsored the political career of his son-in-law, John McCain.
Glass houses. Stones. Let’s keep this polite.

The McCain campaign might want to be careful as to what it says about “Chicago politics.” (Aside from the fact that its ad on the topic is a pack of lies.)

Someone might want to start asking questions about the Republican politics of Arizona, and its ties to organized crime. Questions, for example, about Don Bolles.


And about how Don Bolles died.


And about Kemper Marley, the man who ordered Don Bolles killed.

kemper marley.jpg

And about James W. Hensley, the convicted felon who was Kemper Marley’s business partner, and whom Marley set up with the Budweiser distributorship for Arizona.

hensley mugshot.jpg

And about the man whose only private-sector job was working for Hensley, and who got his start in Arizona politics as Hensley’s protégé, running his first campaign for office largely with Hensley’s money. The one who calls Hensley “a role model.” Can’t remember his name right now.


So let’s keep this polite.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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