Hadn’t quite thought of it that way

A cable talking head says the mot juste about current politics.

I don’t watch TV at home, which makes experiencing it in airports and hotel lobbies when I travel that much more disorienting.

A couple of nights ago I saw some random Republican talking head on some random cable channel say that Christine O’Donnell had been a boon to the GOP this year, because her over-the-top, telegenic extremist craziness had distracted attention from the less flamboyant extremist craziness of other Republican Senate candidates, like the loon in Wisconsin whose name I can’t currently recall.

Down to the last two weeks, folks. Time to make those phone calls.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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4 thoughts on “Hadn’t quite thought of it that way”

  1. Moving either or both of my links to your post will make it easier for readers to make some calls.

  2. Speaking of "Hadn't thought of it like that" a friend just sent me a fabulous gag, something I'd love to say to O'Donnell: a typical reverent sketch of Jesus with the caption underneath "IF YOU DON'T SIN then he died for nothing." I only wish I could put an illustration in the comments.

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