GWB on a white horse?

An anonymous White House aide explains the Republican version of the f├╝hrerprinzip.

The powers of the presidency have been eroded and usurped to the breaking point. We are engaged in a new kind of war that cannot be fought by old methods. It can only be directed by a strong executive who alone is not subject to the conflicting pressures that legislators or judges face. The public understands and supports that unpleasant reality, whatever the media and intellectuals say.

— A White House aide to Jim Hoagland of the Washington Post.

That puts it in a nutshell, doesn’t it? Reminds me a little bit of that earlier anonymous-White-House-aide comment about the “reality-based community.”

I’d be interested in hearing what Red Blogistan thinks of this. In effect it summarizes many of the arguments Redbloggers frequently make, but I doubt it will seem palatable to them put this brutally.

Hat tip: Dan Froomkin, via Laura at War and Piece, via Progressive Blogs Digest.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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