GWB, liberal

Heretic! Stone him! In discussing his plan to wreck Social Security on CNBC today, he said *private* account and not *personal* account.

Remember when the Republicans proposed “private accounts” to partially replace Social Security, found that “private” didn’t poll well, switched to talking about “personal accounts,” and charged that the news media were showing liberal bias when they kept the original label rather than going along with the GOP desire for a new label?

Seems the Privateer-in-Chief didn’t get the memo. In talking about his ambition to revive the idea in the next Congress, GWB spoke openly of “private savings accounts.”

I guess GWB is one more media personality with a liberal bias. Who knew?

Author: Mark Kleiman

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5 thoughts on “GWB, liberal”

  1. Maybe there's some sort of principle of conservation of bogus histories of propaganda phrases. Conservatives had already convinced some of the media that "Social Security privatization" and "the nuclear option" were phrases invented by liberals, so when they determined that another conservative-created phrase, "stay the course", wasn't polling so well either, they had to take "privatization" back in order to make "stay the course" into an un-phrase.

  2. I'm posing a little battle between "supply-side" Bush who has adopted the Pozner plan v. Nobel Prize winner supply-side Prescott who should just depise the Pozner Social Security plan. Details over at Angrybear.

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