GWB and anti-American sentiment

Yes, even in the Anglosphere: around the world, they’re liking us less and less.

In case you were wondering: yes, it’s true that GWB is not just making people abroad angry at him, but damaging the world repute of the United States.

It’s not just France, where 70% of respondents in a poll said their view of the US had become less favorable; that’s also true in Canada (64%), Australia (54%) and Britain (45%). (Bush personally is disliked by 60% of Britons, while only 25% like him. Bush is also making us less popular in Japan (74%) and South Korea (67%).

So tell me, Mr. Bush: Is it our freedom that Canadians hate? Are Australians sympathetic to terrorism? Do the South Koreans not appreciate the risk posed by Kim Jong Il?

Yes, I know that lots of swing voters and lots of Red-state voters think that pissing off the furriners is A Good Thing. But the grownups think otherwise.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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