Green Urbanization in Asia

I haven’t been posting much here because I do not have anything smart to say about the 2012 election and I sense that the RBC is fixated on this event.   In my own day to day research, I continue to work on the broad topic of “Green Cities” and how to create incentives and “rules of the game” so that fast growing cities can actually enjoy environmental improvements.  I’ve recently worked with the ADB to write a paper called “Green Urbanization in Asia”.    With my co-author Prof. Siqi Zheng of Tsinghua University, we are revising an academic paper on China’s urban pollution dynamics for the Journal of Economic Literature and we are also writing a popular book on this subject.  For a quick overview of our thinking read this  and this.

Author: Matthew E. Kahn

Professor of Economics at UCLA.

One thought on “Green Urbanization in Asia”

  1. What seems impressive is the relatively quick turnaround of China’s cities from mid-19th century toxic (see: industrial Britain) to later 20th century less toxic. Might it be that China’s industrialization can be folded into a global plan for stopping the catastrophic rise in CO2?

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