Great Pyrenees

Andorra, hip hurrah!

The contagion is spreading from Liechtenstein, now to Andorra.

At the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in Paris, Andorra is listed, with Liechtenstein and Monaco as “uncooperative tax havens.” Andorra’s goal is to get off the O.E.C.D. list. “We don’t want to have that etiquette of a fiscal paradise,” said Mr. Armengol, a former foreign minister.

At the seat of government, in a granite building along the avenue Prat de la Creu, the cabinet has approved a package of laws that is little short of revolutionary. For the first time, Andorran companies will be required to keep accounts, and barriers to foreign investment have been lifted.

The next domino—San Marino.

Malvina Reynolds would not be pleased:

They live by the arts of farm and field

And by making shoes and hats,

And they haven’t got room in their tiny land

For a horde of diplomats;

They haven’t got room in their tiny land

For armies to march about,

And if anyone comes with a war budget

They throw the rascals out.