Good Rules

A recent member of President Obama’s CEA offers some wise Congressional Testimony here concerning adopting rules for evaluating whether regulation passes a cost/benefit test.   The Economist magazine reports that Honduras may adopt Paul Romer’s ideas for creating new rules for a Charter City.   The news isn’t all bad.

Author: Matthew E. Kahn

Professor of Economics at UCLA.

7 thoughts on “Good Rules”

  1. “…Honduras may adopt…ideas for creating new rules for a Charter City.”

    Perhaps they could do Detroit next.

  2. Given the list of disasters incurred by less ambitious libertarian projects, it’s hard to imagine that this latest fantasy will do much to help Honduras.

  3. Michael Greenstone was chief economist at the Council of Economic Advisers, a staff position, but not a member of the Council.

    I read thru the attached pdf of a statement Professor Greenstone prepared for the Senate Budget Committee taskforce on government performance. It was probably well-intentioned, but not particularly well-written or reasoned. If there were any professional standards for such things, I would imagine Greenstone would be embarrassed.

  4. A friend of mine read the news about Honduras and its “special development regions”. After musing a bit over high-mindedness, he asked me, what would substitute for an Opium War in jumpstarting this New Hong Kong?

    I said, I thought the Hondurans well equipped to supply something along those lines.

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