Good news coming?

Obama has suddenly jumped 10 points on the betting markets. No idea what’s up.

On the betting markets, Obama has jumped 10 points in the past twelve hours, up to 47%. Either the bettors have suddenly decided to pay attention to all the good news since the Ted Kennedy endorsement, or somebody knows something that hasn’t hit the ticker yet.

Update Rasmussen daily tracker out; goes from Clinton +11 to Clinton +6 (46-40). That suggests Sunday night must have been about even.

Second update A-ha! The CNN national poll, in the field Fri-Sun, has Obama +3, 49-46. I think this is the first time Obama has ever led in a national poll. Averaging the 5 recent national polls, it’s Clinton +2 (45-43). But that includes Pew’s Clinton +8, with its implausibly narrow margin for Obama among black voters.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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