God’s Official Party

The G.O.P is now “God’s Official Party.” Jihad, anyone?

I hope that all of you who have been referring to the theocons as the “Taliban wing” of the Republican Party are appropriately ashamed of yourselves.

“Taliban,” after all, means “seekers.” No self-respecting right-wing Republican would admit to “seeking” the truth, which after all was dictated by the Lord directly to Charlton Heston.

Now we learn from Leon Mosley, the Republican chairman in Iowa, that G.O.P. stands for “God’s Official Party.” (His audience at the RNC seemed to agree.

In Arabic, “God’s Party” would be hez’b’ullah (transcribed by some kaffirs as Hezbollah). And of course the Shia of Hezbollah have nothing to do with the Sunni Taliban.

Except for hating freedom, of course.

Hat tips: Amy Sullivan and Brad DeLong.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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